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our web design philosophy

Overall our approach to web design is strongly grounded in common sense and experience. We believe that a web site merely for the sake of having one is a waste of money and energy. Your web site should have clear objectives and be as easy as possible for visitors to use.

Content is King! 

Surveys show that web sites that offer lots of informative content and are easy to navigate come out on top.

Probably 90% of visitors to your web site will be there looking for answers. Who you are, what you do, how can you help them are the "biggy" questions you need to answer. Information you fail to provide is probably available through your competitor and that's where your visitors might be next. 

User friendly navigation structures 

Having loads of great information is no use if it is unorganised and difficult to find. Navigation menus serve one purpose - to guide users through your web content. They are not there for entertainment value. Sensible is more important than clever. 

Menus that work best share all these features: 

  • clear meaning and logical order, 
  • consistent throughout the web site, 
  • minimum of clicks to find content, 
  • legible and obvious AND 
  • easy to use 


The design of your web site should make provision for addition of future content. This is most important in design of the navigation system. You don't want the expense and inconvenience of rebuilding an entire web site to accommodate extra content. 

A successful web site grows surprisingly fast. We have clients who's sites started out with less than 20 pages but grew to over 500 pages. 

Search engines 

Getting the likes of Google to include your web pages in their index should not be an after thought. Our approach achieves this naturally by providing content rich pages and Google friendly menus that help search engine services to find all your pages. 

Focus and objectivity 

Every web page should have a predefined objective. Content should maintain focus on that objective. This is simply a matter of good communication. 

Ongoing administration and maintenance 

Web sites should be easy to maintain and update. Things that are easy to do, tend to get done more often. Content of your web site will need to be updated and expanded from time to time or run the risk of going out of date. Ongoing maintenance is an important part of our business. 

Cost effectiveness 

This is not a matter of being cheap but more a matter of being efficient. All the above aspects of our philosophy are actually more cost efficient than the more fancy design approaches.  A $2,000 web site that delivers results is far more desirable than an overly elaborate, clever design, costing twice the price that performs no better or not as well. 

Web designs with a focus on usability!! 

Our web designs can help you achieve a web site that: 

  • has lots of useful content for visitors, 
  • is logical and easy for visitors to navigate, 
  • will be more scalable to accommodate future additions, 
  • can be be easily modified and updated AND 
  • will be substantially more cost effective than the more elaborate designs 

Your new WebStart web design will also incorporate features to allow easy and efficient web page maintenance. We will also be here to take care of your web site maintenance if required.

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