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social media marketing

If your looking for a magic answer to drive thousands of new customers to your door then Social Media Marketing is almost certain to disappoint. 

It's all about relationships

Social Media is all about strengthening "relationships" with customers. It is more of a venue to converse with customers. In the old days we (and staff) did this verbally. We talked about things of common interest, shared ideas, earnt mutual respect and trust and became closer than just customers, clients and suppliers.

Now days, Facebook, Twitter etc carry the new conversations. 

Just like actually talking to customers, Social Media takes time and committment to show results. Done correctly, Social Media Marketing can foster customer loyalty, strengthen brand awareness and encourage customer referral.

The good and the bad

The great advantage of Social Media is that your conversations are public for all to see. A one to hundreds or even thousands situation.

The bad thing is that if you goof it up you will be doing so equally publicly. Daily news sites are full of the bad.

If you want to increase sales next week, your resources can be often put to better use than Social Media, but if you are looking to supplement other marketing and are prepared to commit the time and energy to a more subtle approach then Social Media might be worth a closer look.

If you need help setting up your Social Media or would just like to hear more of our beliefs, give Eddy a call.

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