Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

search engine marketing


It's hard for most to remember a time before web search engines. Everyone these days uses search to find what they are looking for and if you want your business to be found you simply have to pay attention to this.

The most prominent search engine is Google but there are a few others which although less dominant are often still worth including in your marketing strategies. 

Natural Search Results

Yahoo (now BING) and Google pioneered the technologies of search for billions of web sites and provide FREE or natural search results. We have the skills and experience to create web sites that are compatible with these search engines so they can be scanned and indexed correctly. This is often referred to as SEO or Search Engine Optimisation.

Pay-Per-Click Search Results (SEM)

As competion between websites increased, Google, BING and others worked out how to capitalise on the desire to be on page one of search results. Googles's Adwords system and BING's equivilent are both able to get you onto page 1 search results almost instantly - but at a price. 

The danger here is runnaway costs and poor returns. 

We not affiliated with any search provider and as such can give you genuine advice as to how to get the best possible return on this type of investment. We are happy to advise, help you setup these accounts and to manage them. Always with your best interests in mind and keeping you grounded when it comes to budgets.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Advisors that are too closely aligned with search providers are often like advertising salesmen with a mantra of spend more, spend more and spend more, followed by "it's a long term plan" (if you last long enough).

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